Ready to get healthier?

start the journey with the Church health Evaluation
Every pastor wants their church to be healthier.
But there's a problem...

Getting healthier feels overwhelming and it's impossible to know where to start

There are so many church health models it's hard to know who to trust

Getting healthier requires too much time and money 

Church health models are overly prescriptive and don't fit my context

Assessments and reports are hard to interpret causing more confusion than clarity

There are blindspots pastors can't see that make it hard to make progress

The Church Health Evaluation Was Made For You

Created by trusted ministry practitioners

The 10 Characteristics framework and this evaluation were created by ministry practitioners, from within our Network, with decades of experience leading and growing healthy churches.

Big Impact without big money investment

We designed the process with you, the lead pastor, in mind. It's robust and impactful without being expensive and overbearing. And you won't need a PhD to determine the steps you can take to become healthier. 

start of a church health journey unique to your church

This evaluation is the start of a journey to health. We won't prescribe programs or ministries but have created an entire ecosystem of resources and environments to help you apply it to your church's unique context.

A Comprehensive Church Health Strategy

You're not just getting a report, you're inviting your church on a journey to greater health and greater impact.

Check out some of the tools this evaluation comes with to help arrive at your destination.

Customized 360°
Team Report

Receive a customized report comparing 4 different roles within your church and uncover blindspots you wouldn't otherwise see.

Download Sample Report

Measure Long Term Progress

Measure long term progress by retaking the evaluation in the future and receiving comparison results.

NYMN Support

NYMN is committed to your success so we have invested time, money, and people to help you at every step along your journey to greater health.

Digital Resource Library

You get unlimited access to the digital resource library, all categorized by the 10 characteristics, where you can get the tools you need get healthier.

Check it out here 

3 Simple Steps To Greater Health

Lead Pastor Takes Evaluation

Team Takes Evaluation

Get Report & Take Action

Frequently asked questions

Who came up with the 10 characteristics?

The 10 Characteristics framework and this evaluation were created by ministry practitioners (pastors, missionaries, consultants, administrators, scholars), from within the New York Ministry Network, with decades of experience both leading and growing healthy churches.

Who will see my evaluation results?

There are 2 people who will have access to your church's results. The Lead Pastor of your church will get the team report sent directly to their email once everyone has completed it. The NYMN Learning Director will have access only because they are an administrator on the evaluation software.

How many people can I invite to take the evaluation?

You can invite as many people as you want. The more people that respond the more clarity you get on how healthy your church is. The only thing to consider is that they fit into one of the three different roles (Staff and Ministry Team Leaders, Board Members, Volunteers).

I'm not tech savvy. How hard is it to set up?

Don't worry. We've designed this to be as simple as possible, even for those who don't consider themselves to be tech savvy. There are step-by-step PDFs, videos, and support at every stage of the process. All you have to do is follow the directions. And if something gets dicey, just reach out to us and a member of the healthy church team will be happy to assist you. 

What happens once I get my results?

Once you get your report you can immediately start working towards health by engaging resources specific to the results. There are also self-coaching videos that will help you take the next steps with your team and turn the insights into action. 
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